By john stew

Web Design Myths

You thought red is the right color for your website and wouldn't agree on anything else. Well, in that case, don't expect your designer to acknowledge this like it was their mistake. These are the most common myths about web design you believed are real!

1. Everything needs to be approved by the buyer Believe it or not, this doesn't actually come in handy quite a lot. Namely, it really isn't your fault for not being able to do the work yourself, but in that case, you should really take a step back and listen to what a professional has to say. They actually do this for a living, so I would say they are probably better at knowing what would be good for your website than you and me both. Combined. They know all the tricky details on how to make people fall in love with your website and how to maintain them as a market. So stop worrying about it much, all you need to have is the initial idea, the rest will be taken care of when you find a good designer.

2. The more the merrier Fake! People love simplicity. Yes, you should make the buttons appealing, and yes, you should have some text on your homepage, but don't push it too far. Consider that people are always in a hurry, they do not have the time to read 1000 words on your homepage. If you want the audience to stick around, keep everything as simple as possible with the glance of accessories, and the word count on your homepage below 200.

3. Your users will see the website as you see it This is one of the greatest myths ever! They can't have it in the back of their heads. What am I talking about? Well I'm talking about all the details you thought of, the whole process behind making a website. You still see it from that angle, more or less, believe it or not. Your mind tricks you into thinking otherwise, but the truth is, your audience sees only what is in front of them, and because of this, you should always have a second and a third opinion before you post the website on the internet.

4. If you can use it, it is good to go Not all the computers work the same, you know. You will need your website to be optimized for a variety of resolutions, including the ones for mobile phones and tablets, especially considering everyone is using one of those now. You better find an expert and let him do the work, this is not a small project to complete, and your business will depend on it.

5. Make everything stand out with crazy fonts, colors, etc. Do not make this mistake. Every single professional web designer will tell you the same. You don't need to put the focus on everything that is going on, just the right places need to be visually appealing, the rest must be simplified, as I mentioned earlier. For example, if you run an online dress store, you will not draw attention on every single one of your dresses. Instead, what you should do is make the sales and the new items stand out. That way, you will attract your buyers on browsing your website for more. People love sales!

6. User feedback is overrated Last, but not least, user feedback myth. I actually couldn't believe people don't think user feedback is better than a surprise. Don't think about that. Ever. If you are not sure about something, ask your market. In the end, it is their opinion that matters as they will be giving you money. You can always conduct an online survey that can be anonymous. And make it anonymous, people are often embarrassed about what they will say, and will lie more on these occasions. That is how business dies, you thought well.

Well, this was the list of the greatest myths about web design ever. I hope I made that a little bit more clear for you and you can start making decent plans for your future from now on. I wish you all the best and good luck with it if that is the case.